What people said about MacPost:

I'm experimenting with MacPost 1.0b2, and have been successfully using it for about a month now, including running the client software under all sorts of prototype system software.
Alex Rosenberg, NCQ Integration, Apple Computer

Thank you for making this fine software available to other Internet users at no charge. I'm very impressed. What a nice piece of network programming!
Ken Weeks, National Institutes of Health,Bethesda, Maryland USA 20892

I have download a copy of the wonderful MacPost from pollux.lu.se.
Laurent Wenker, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland

Up front, let me make some comments to the development team: What I've seen so far is _GREAT_! This is the _FIRST_ SMTP-compatible mail solution for macintosh that I've even been able to get _STARTED_ on our setup here, not counting GatorMail-Q, which we cannot afford the site license for. Once again, thanks to the people at Lund University for what looks to have all that it takes to be a GREAT Mac-based SMTP mail system. The program is a study in simplicity...
Joel J. Garrett, Research Associate, Center for Composite Materials, University of Delaware

This application is like manna from heaven! We have a very extensive LocalTalk and PhoneNet network (12 zones) attached to an Ethernet backbone. Most of the users need E-mail, but very few of them require complete TCP/IP connectivity. So the MacPost sever model is *EXACTLY* what we were looking for.

First of all, I can't tell you how much I like this MacPost. It is just what we have needed.
Harri Valkama, University of Vaasa

To summarize: The basic functionality is wonderful, and you are to be commended for your fine work. The user interface needs polishing, but that should be a piece of cake. Right?
Sigurd Meldal. Associate Professor (Visiting). Stanford University

I also wanted to congratulate the entire development team for an excellent product. I was amazed at how easy it was to implement. My principle reason for telling you all this is to thank you for making it possible for all 200+ students, faculty, and staff to have ready access to e-mail to communicate with their home institutions, as well as have access to leading scientists, lawyers, business-people, etc. in the aerospace industry (e.g., NASA, ESA, Glavkosmos (via DASnet), Boeing, Lockheed)
Steve Abrams, Director of Computer Systems, International Space University, 1990 Summer Session, North York, ONT, Canada

I just wanted to send a note thanking the Lund MacPost Development Team for the new release of MacPost. It is very nice to see an application with this high level of professionalism and development investment released for use at no cost to user sites. I am very grateful to the Development Team for their efforts, they have allowed me to provide a very impressive mail service to the Macintosh users on this campus. They've also been very responsive to questions and comments from user sites.
Bruce A. Carter, Courseware Development Coordinator, Boise State University

Takk for MacPost! Den ser meget bra ut!
Tom Ivar Helbekkmo, NHH, Bergen, Norway

I like the program and so do the nontechnical persons who have been selected to try it instead of the mailers on our VAXes and the DEC-20.
Bo Kleve (BoK@LIDAC.LiU.SE)

Nu när jag varit med i MacPost ett tag vill jag uttrycka min belåtenhet. Det fungerar bra för mina behov när jag är på plats på institutionen eller överhuvud inom LTH och LU.
Många hälsningar från en nöjd Skotte

We are very pleased with MacPost system (all of you did a wonderful job)
Mike Temkin, System Administrator, School of Engineering and Computer Science, CSU, Northridge

Kudos to Lund U. on what seems to be a very successfull package!

I just Ftp macpost 1.0b2 and tested. It is very good. !!!
Hanz Makmur, Rutgers University, USA