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MacPost 1.2.3

(Apr 17, 1996; minor update Nov 22, 2001)

MacPost is an electronic mail system for the Apple Macintosh. It is developed by Lund University Computing Center. MacPost is available at no cost.

MacPost gives Mac users access to internet mail directly from the desktop. The client is very easy to use, and the server should be relatively easy to setup for anyone somewhat experienced with Macs, AppleTalk, tcp/ip, and e-mail.

The Client
The client is an ordinary Macintosh application. It is used to send and receive electronic mail. The user is automatically notified when a new mail arrives, regardless of what application (s)he is using. Domain addresses are used. There is a simple Address Book that allows the user to pick a name from a list, and send the mail to the associated address. Basic MIME support is included. BinHex enclosures are supported. The client is available both for 68K and PowerPC.

The Server
The server runs on a dedicated Macintosh. One server can handle an entire AppleTalk internet. The client's mail is sent to the server, and it forwards the mail to a well-connected SMTP-server. Incoming mail is stored on the server until the user reads it. The server is available both for 68K and PowerPC.

The protocol between client and server is AppleTalk. Thus, the clients and the server must be in one AppleTalk internet, but it can consist of any combination of LocalTalk, EtherTalk, TokenTalk, etc. Dial-in access is possible, if AppleTalk is used (eg. Apple Remote Access).

The protocol between the server and the well-connected SMTP-server is tcp/ip. With "well-connected" we refer to that it must be able to interpret addresses, and send the mail in the right direction. The server requires Apple's MacTCP (Open Transport is also supported).

Required Equipment

See the Release Notes files for info about bug fixes and new features in this release.

MacPost is Copyright 1988-2002 Lund University Computing Center. All rights reserved.

MacPost may not be sold or offered for sale, or bundled with another product offered for sale, except with the express written permission of Lund University Computing Center.

You are allowed to copy, distribute, and use this release free of charge as long as it is not in violation of the paragraph above.

Lund University Computing Center gives no warranty, expressed or implied, for the software and/or documentation provided, including, without limitation, warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

MacPost is available from Prerelease versions are avilable in the "test" directory. Sources are available.

The server applications and the server documentation are in English. The client and the client documentation are available in both English and Swedish.

The distribution consists of two archives, one for the client and one for the server.

Mailing List
We have set up a mailing list to discuss problems, bugs, new releases etc. about MacPost. To join it, send a request to

To send a mail to the list, address it to

To send a mail only to the MacPost Development Team, address it to

You are strongly encouraged to send all questions etc. to the mailing list (ie. don't use macpost-admin). We also encourage you to reply to questions submitted to the mailing list (send your reply to the list; others than the original author may find it useful). We may not have enough time to answer questions, and the time we have at our disposal may be better spent on bug fixes and new features.

Home Page
The MacPost home page is available at

Background and history
Article from Apple's Wheels For the Mind Europe, April 1989
Presentation of Lund University-Apple joint projects, circa 1991
Comments about MacPost

Support, bug reports
Send bug reports and suggestions to the mailing list. If you have problems, please reread the docs, check your network, ask your local network/mail guru, and use the mailing list before you ask us!

Roland Månsson
The MacPost Development Team
Lund University Computing Center
Box 783, S-220 07 Lund, Sweden
Fax: +46-46138225

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